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Research field: Sexuality


The research in this field involves subjects such as commercialization of sex, trafficking, sexual identities, HIV and HIV prevention, female circumcision and other genital modifications, youth and sexuality, sexual dysfunctions, disability and sexuality, religion and sexuality and pornography. The research incorporates current issues of how multiculturalism, transnationality and globalisation affect the area of sexuality. Phenomena such as digitalisation and social media also play an increasing role in the expression of sexuality.

The researchers in this field have backgrounds in social sciences (such as social work, sociology and anthropology), humanities (such as film studies) and medicine (with clinical specialisation). Much of the research takes a social constructivist approach, that is, it is based on the notion that sexuality is shaped by the social and cultural context people live in. However, this interdisciplinary research environment also incorporates different biological perspectives.

Ongoing research projects

Attitudes to female circumcision among immigrants in Sweden

Blurred situations; young people’s reasoning on conflictual sexual boundaries

Female genital cutting and sexuality

Legal handling in Sweden of suspected cases of female genital mutilation

Men, masculinity, religion and sexuality

Options to parenthood: Surrogacy in India and Sweden

Particip@tion on Internet? Pupils with intellectual disabilities and identification processes on Internet

Sex in Southern Sweden - Twenty Years after Sex in Sweden

Sexualities in Islam: individual religiosity and intercultural encounters in the healthcare system

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