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Research field: Disability and rehabilitation

Disability can lead to barriers of participation and social exclusion when the individual does not have the opportunity to participate on equal terms with others. Meanwhile, in society there are different trends and conditions that generate participation, citizenship and health. An important task is to analyse how these mechanisms affect individuals and groups with different types of disabilities in different circumstances of life. The research is multidisciplinary and is conducted on the border between adjacent and partly overlapping areas such as social sciences, humanities, medicine and technology.

Central themes of the field

Changes in the approach of the welfare state

Social policy interventions, collaboration between different society stakeholders and professions are studied.

Changes in participation

Issues and participatory research concerning influence, participation and self-organisation of people with disabilities. The research is conducted in collaboration with the disability movement, among others.

Higher education and work

Opportunities and obstacles that people with disabilities face in their academic and working lives.

Aid and assistance

Everyday practices and social aspects of having assistance and using technical aids.

The body

Notions of the body and its materiality linked to normality and visible/hidden disabilities.

Intersectional perspectives

How different power structures, such as gender, class, age, sexuality and ethnicity relate to disability.

Ongoing research projects

Aspects of Living with Diabetes

Hidden impairments in the working life – different perspectives on disclosure

Hearing impairment and uptake of hearing-aids in a cross-cultural perspective

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