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Join the SCON-research projects

Scandinavian Center for Orofacial Neurosciences (SCON) are seeking partners for six research projects in Oral medicine, Orofacial pain and Prosthodontics. The funding partners can contribute with researchers who also will have the possibility to apply and be admitted to the full PhD-programme at the University.

Scandinavian Center for Orofacial Neurosciences (SCON)

In 2014, the leaderships from Department of Dental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Faculty of Odontology, Malmö University and Department of Dentistry, Aarhus University, signed a formal memorandum of agreement to establish the Scandinavian Center for Orofacial Neurosciences (SCON).

The overall idea behind SCON is to bring together in a brick-less center (as a virtual network) leading Scandinavian groups in the field of orofacial neurosciences – including oral physiology and orofacial pain – in order to strengthen the research activities and impact on education and clinical treatment in oral rehabilitation for the benefits of patients and society.

The SCON parties have common research interests and master several overlapping techniques in addition to unique complementary expertise. The combined portfolio of techniques and experiences span from molecular biology, genotyping, advanced electrophysiology, quantitative sensory test, to randomized clinical trials, epidemiology and evaluation of cognitive and psychosocial function. The parties aim to provide, through SCON, cutting-edge research results and to constitute an attractive alternative to other major international centers in the field by recruitment to the parties the best young research talents and securing external funding.

The Research Projects

All research projects are related to orofacial neurosciences in a broad sense and with particular focus on oral medicine, orofacial pain and oral function. Each research project is composed of 3-4 separate studies leading to 3-4 publications in international peer-reviewed journals. A strength for all projects will be the significant interaction between the SCON partners and the possibility to perform a sub-part of the research project at another SCON site. Further deltails about the projects can be found here

Our partnership

Our funding partners within the research program will be able to assist with researchers to carry out parts of the research. The researchers will also have the possibility to apply to the full PhD-programme at the Universities. Read more about this opportunity here 

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