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What is the institutions role?

elever vid datorer i studiemiljö

The entire university is responsible for improving access to higher education. The intra-university Department of Language and Linguistics has been assigned to function as a resource. We strive to improve access in the following ways.

Improving access

  • for students who are not fully prepared for higher education by ensuring widened participation and guaranteeing educational success. Examples: Study workshops, introductory courses, college courses, language courses
  • for students with foreign academic qualifications by helping them adapt their expertise to Swedish market conditions. Examples: Supplementary programmes, training programmes, collaboration with teacher education programmes around further education for foreign teachers, sponsored programmes for job-seeking immigrant academics plus career analyses, introductory programmes.
  • among the university’s teachers so that new educational forms that utilize diversity are developed and spread. Examples: Taking part in university-level teacher education, method development, projects to develop students’ writing and core generic skills.
  • on the effects of working to widen participation. Examples: Research, follow ups, evaluations
  • on what higher education studies involve. Examples: information campaigns and cooperation projects with other forms of education that target both teachers and students.
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