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FAQ for Students at K3

Read this before you apply for exchange studies.


If you are already nominated, please go to FAQ for Nominated Students. 

Some of the questions that are frequently asked by students who want to study abroad.

1. What are exchange studies?

Malmö University has a number of exchange agreements with universities and college universities around the world. The university and its partner institutions thereby have agreed to exchange students. To study abroad through an exchange programme means that you spend one or two semesters of your education abroad at one of Malmö Univeristy's partner institutions.

The credits obtained during the exchange should be possible to include in a final degree from Malmö University. The exchange agreements guaratee that you will not have to pay any tuition fees. Most of the times you can also get help with practical matters, such as accommodation etc. You apply for an exchange place through your department School of Arts and Communication (K3) and the department nominates candidates.

2. Where can I go?

3. What are the eligibility requirements?

4. When can I apply and how long is the application period?

The application period is one month; during autumn semesters between 15 September and 15 October and during spring semesters between 15 February and 15 March. Exchange opportunities are announced 6 months to 1 1/2 years prior to the exchange semester.

5. How do I apply?

6. What are Statement of Purpose and Study Plan?

7. How do I pick courses at the partner university (for the Study Plan)?

You must familarise yourself with their educational system and check which courses that are open for you as an exchange student. Find courses that are relevant to the degree you are pursuing at Malmö University. Concentrate on what you need, courses that suit you and your education and to which you fulfill the entry requirements. Add up to full-time studies. Check the announcement for any restrictions.  

If you have just started your programme at Malmö University it can be difficult to know which courses that will be suitable, but in your application for exchange studies the most important thing is that you can demonstrate an idea of what you want to study during your exchange semester. Courses that will be offered during the semester you are applying for may not be published on the partner university's webpage, yet. In that case you have to base your selection on the information that are available, for instance last year's courses. The selection of courses that you include in your application is not final.

8. What are the language requirements and which documents are required?

Read more here.

If you are applying to a university in a Spanish, German or French speaking country and the language of instruction is other than English you have to submit documents supporting your proficiency in the language, e.g. a certificate from a language course or your results from a language test. If you do not have such a document, please explain in your Statement of Purpose how you have learned the language and your level of proficiency. You should also submit two versions of your Statement of Purpose; one written in English and one written in the language of instruction at the partner university.

9. Can I get help with my application?

In connection to each announcement of exchange places information meetings on how to apply are arranged. There you will get information about the application process and you will also have the opportunity to ask questions.

10. I am not a Swedish citizen, can I still apply?

Yes.The only exception is the Linnaeus-Palme programme for which you must be a Swedish citizen or having a permanent resident. For the Erasmus+ exchange you must be a citizen of one of the Erasmus+ countries or enrolled in a full-time programme at Malmö University.

11. Can I apply even though I am studying independent courses?

You can apply for exchange studies provided that you intend to get your degree from Malmö University. Therefore you need to attach a study description to your application in which you describe how you plan to obtain your degree. If you are not a Swedish citizen, please find more information above.

12. What happens if several students apply for the same place?

You can see the number of available places for each university in the announcement. If we receive more applications than available places we will compare the applications and look at academic merits, but also asses the Statement of Purposes and language skills.

13. Can I submit my application by post? 

We do not accept applications by email, but you are welcome to send it by post. If you send your application by post it must reach the administrator no later than the first working day following 15 March/October. In other words, it is very important that you post it well in time! Postal address:

Nicklas Karlsson
Malmö högskola
205 06 Malmö

14. When will I be notified?

You will be notified by post, approximate 15 days after the application deadline. The notification will be sent to the postal address you gave in Moveonline. Please make sure that you receive the letter! If your door/postbox isn't marked with your name, you have to give a c/o address. Sometimes you have to give an apartment number, too, in order to make sure that the post will reach you.

15. Can I study abroad on my own?

Of course! You can apply as a freemover to universities abroad, but then you have to take care of everything yourself. You may also be required to pay fees, which you do not have to as an exchange student.

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