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Exchange studies for students at K3

As a student at The School of Arts and communication (K3) you have the opportunity to spend one or two semesters abroad. Which semester that fits into your studyplan depends on which program you are enrolled in. For the majority of programs it is during the firth semester, while students in the English Studies (HGENS) program can choose either the fourth or fifth semester, or both.

Where can I go?

Below you can read about the different universities Malmö University currently have exchange agreemnts with. The next rounds of announcements will be published here.

            North America



karta över nordamerika Karta över Europa  Karta över Asien och Australien



The application process

The application process for exchange studies is often times confusing, which might deter students from applying. In an effort to facilitate the application, having a fundamental understanding of the process might be helpful.


Applying for nomination

This is the first step in the process for exchange studies. Your application is an application to Malmö University for the prospect of being nominated to one of our partner universities around the globe. If your intentions are to study abroad within one of Malmö University's exchange agreement, you must first be nominated.

For this step a complete application must be submitted. All the requirements have to be fulfilled for Malmö University to regard the applicant.


As a student you will be nominated once your application has been evaluated and deemed to meet the requirements. The application must also surpass other applications for the same exchange opportunity. 

The nomination does not automatically entail that you are accepted for an exchange semester. Rather it is a decision from Malmö University to nominate you as a candidate to the partner university. It is still the decision of the receiving university to decide whether or not to accept you (a process Malmö University has no ability to affect).

Applying to the partner university.

When one of our partner universities has received and confirmed Malmö University's nominee they will usually send application instructions to the student in question.

For exchange studies outside of Europe, International Office at Malmö University will be notified and provide assistance in the application procedure. Within Europe is the international coordinator at K3 who will assist and guide the application

Some of K3's students will be asked to provide a portfolio in the application process, since some departments has this as one requirement. Usually the academic coordinator will be able to assist those students who need supervision in the assembly of a portfolio.

Letter of Acceptance

If the partner university accept your application they will send a letter of acceptance and your exchange semester will ensue.


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