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Study abroad, Department of Urban Studies

This information is aimed at students at the Department of Urban Studies. 

Current announcements

Announcements for the autumn term is published on September 15 and the application deadline is October 15. Announcements for spring term is published on February 15 and the application deadline is March 15.

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Exchange studies

Students at the Department of Urban Studies can study abroad during a semester at one of our partner universities. 

If you study at a European university or Nordic university, you might be entitled to a scholarship (Erasmus + or Nordplus).

You must be able to transfer credits for courses taken abroad to your degree at Malmo University. Your programme/subject area responsible decides if your credits are transferable. It is important that you contact the programme/subject area responsible or the international coordinator early on regarding transferring credits.

Apply for Exchange Studies

Eligibility Requirements

Good to know about announcements

It is important to plan your studies abroad well in advance. You apply for studies outside Europe a year to 18 months in advance. For studies in Europe, you apply in October for studies the following spring semester and in March for studies the following autumn semester.

Places announced during the autumn semester

  • places in Non-European countries for the following academic year.
  • remaining places in Europe (Erasmus+) for the following semester (i.e places that are still available from the spring announcement).

Places announced during the spring semester

  • places in Europe (Erasmus+) for the following academic year
  • remaining places in non-European countries for the following spring semester (i.e places that are still available from the autumn announcement)

Partner universities

Please note that not all universities will offer places in every announcement.

Please look at the current announcement for information on universities you can apply to, language requirements and limitations regarding course choices. The Department of Urban Studies has agreements with the following European partner universities:  

France: U-PEC Universite Paris XII Val de Marne 

France: U-PEM Universite Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallé

Germany: Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences 

Hungary: Budapest University of Techonology and Economics

Poland: Wroclaw University of Technology 

Turky: Istanbul Kültür University

Outside Europe the department usually gets places in the following countries:
Hong Kong

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