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During your exchange

During the semester:

  • Call home as soon as you have arrived! (Or the university will receive calls from worried parents and partners, which has happened...)

  • Inform Malmö University (your International Coordinator and the International Office) your new address and mobile phone number, as we may need to contact you.
    - Certain schools/faculties have a 'Certificate of Arrival', which must be sent to the International Coordinator.
    - Fax/scan/post the Arrival form to the International Office.
    - Update your Learning Agreement and send it to your International Coordinator if your course selection changes.

  • Blog often and reflect upon your time as an exchange student.
    - What am I doing?
    - How can I use this experience in the future?

  • Be an ambassador for Malmö University!
    - Work actively to try to get students to come to Malmö on an exchange!
    - Take part in information sessions, Study Abroad Fairs and spread the word about Malmö University!
    - Contact the International Office if you need brochures, posters or other materials.
  • Have you fallen ill or need to make another claim through the Student-UT insurance? 
    Please note that the EU-card gives those studying in the EU / EEA area a right to the necessary care you need during your time abroad. The caregiver must be connected to the country's public health system. Students going on exchange to an EU/EES* country should bring a European Medical Insurance Card (EU card) (which may be ordered from Försäkringskassan or similar social insurance authority in your home country). You are covered by this instead of the medical part of the 'Student-UT' insurance. If you cannot get an EU-card, please let the International Office know when you email your semester dates
  • Erasmus+ students: Remember to get your Certificate of Attendance completed by your host university before you leave or you will not be able to receive the last scholarship instalment. 
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