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Kammarkollegiet's insurance: Student-UT  

Malmö University has obtained the group insurance 'The Swedish State's Insurance during Education Abroad Student-UT' from Kammarkollegiet. When a university or a college has obtained this insurance as a group insurance, the cover applies to all students who are accepted to, and undertake, higher education or graduate studies at the university or college and who study or undergo training abroad in accordance with an exchange or acceptance agreement between the Swedish educational institution and a foreign educational institution, company or other institution which accept students or trainees. "Accepted" means in this context, that this person has been registered in LADOK or equivalent system.

The cover applies 24-hours a day in the country of study during the period in which the studies or training takes place, in such country for a period of two weeks prior to and two weeks after such period and during direct travel between the country of study and the student’s residence in Sweden or the city in which studies are conducted in Sweden.

The insurance covers to name but a few; personal injury cover, emergency medical- and dental care, home transport cover, disruption cover, property cover, baggage delay, cover for crisis and catastrophe and liability cover.   

Please note - Kammarkollegiet can not always meet all the demands from foreign universities. This applied to some universities in USA (emergency health care), France (liability cover), Japan and Canada. In some cases students therefore MAY have to buy the host university's insurance as well.

The insurance is obtained by Malmö University and the students do not pay for it themselves.

Read through the Terms and Conditions carefully. Remember that you may need to supplement Student UT by a separate insurance. It is important that you review your insurance coverage and assess your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: 'Student ut' is not valid or applicable to those students who apply to universities abroad on their own as freemovers. Instead, you may turn to CSN for instance and sign up for a private insurance with them.

Insurance for exchange studies at a partner university 

All outgoing exchange students should:

  • Notify Sabine Petersson at the International Office at the Student Centre your exact semester dates to receive the insurance certificate and Medical Insurance Card.
  • Email your Letter of Acceptance (or similar document) from your host university. This must contain semester start and end dates, including dates for any introduction programmes.
  • We will send the insurance documents to the address you submitted when completing the MoveON-application.  
  • This must me done before you leave for your exchange period as the insurance document cannot be backdated

Students going on exchange to Australia, must submit the following:

  • Overseas Student Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) 
  • Letter of Acceptance from your Australian host university
  • The end date of your student visa   

Students going on exchange to an EU/EES* country should bring a European Medical Insurance Card (EU card) (which may be ordered from Försäkringskassan or similar social insurance authority in your home country). You are covered by this instead of the medical part of the 'Student-UT' insurance. If you cannot get an EU-card, please let the International Office know when you email your semester dates.

The EU-card gives those studying in the EU / EEA area a right to the necessary care you need during your time abroad. The caregiver must be connected to the country's public health system.

You pay the same amount for health care that residents in the country. For example, in France and Belgium, you must first pay the full cost of care yourself and then seek reimbursement from the country's equivalent of Social Insurance Office (Försäkringskassan).

If you work while studying, other rules apply. Contact the Social Insurance Office for more information.

* The EU card is valid in the following countries: 
Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania

Insurance for internships

Please note that you are not automatically covered by Kammarkollegiet's Student UT insurance scheme during an internship abroad.

In order for you to be covered by the insurance scheme, Malmö University must have a documented agreement/contract with the company/organisation where you are doing your internship. An agreement will be created if you get your internship credited, and / or receive the Erasmus+ Traineeship Scholarship. Contact your international internship officer or your internship coordinator for more information.

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