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After your exchange

Welcome back! 

We hope that you have had a great exchange and that you have experienced a lot of new and exciting things.

Once back there are a few things that need to be settled before everything is done and your credits are recognized.

Below you will find information on what you need to do once you’re back at Malmö University and some guidance in how to keep your international experiences alive. 

Transcripts and making sure your credits are recognized

The recognition is always done by an academic, such as a Programme responsible or Education Coordinator at your Faculty/Department/School, and should be discussed already before your exchange, when a Learning Agreement is established.

Recognition means that the credits from your exchange period are transferred into Ladok, and they are subsequently usually part of the credits needed to obtain your degree from Malmö University.

The recognition process is not automatic. You are accountable for the process and it is your responsibility to apply for recognition in time before applying to take out your degree.

There may be special guidelines for recognition at your Faculty/Department. If your Transcript of Records is sent from your host university to Malmö University we will contact you when it arrives. If not, you must hand in a copy of your Transcript yourself to your Faculty/Department, sometimes together with a recognition form (if needed). See links below. If your Faculty/Department is not listed below, the recognition will be done automatically once your International Coordinator has received your Transcript of Records.

It is also your responsibility to make sure that you either have your Transcript of Records with you upon leaving your host country, or that it will be sent either to you or to the university.

The recognition process may take some time, so make sure you start the process as early as possible.

- The Department of Urban Studies uses the form Ansökan om tillgodoräknande av hel kurs (in Swedish only)

- The Faculty of Technology and Society uses the form Credit Transfer of Complete Course

Report your period abroad

We request that all students complete an online report. You will be sent information about how to do this from the International Office. 

The last Erasmus+ payment

In order to receive the last payment of your Erasmus+ scholarship you need to:

  • Complete the online Erasmus+ evaluation
  • Submit your Certificate of Attendance
  • Complete the two online Language Tests.
The last payment is done after the exchange semester is finished, however we cannot guarantee exactly when. You will receive information from the International Office once the final payments are ready to be paid. 

Stay involved!

Spread the word about exchange studies to your classmates or other students who may want to go on exchange themselves. If you are interested in presenting your host university in relation to information sessions or other activities, please let us know. Send us a note at internationaloffice@mah.se and tell us what you are interested in helping out with. For example, we need help with our Study Abroad Fairs. 

Become a mentor/fadder 

Stay in contact with the country of your exchange, keep the language alive and meet new people from all over the world!

Contact ESN Malmö to become a mentor/fadder for new international/exchange students coming to Malmö! Use your experiences as a student in a foreign study setting to help others adjust.

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