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Tips for a Successful Application

Find out when you can go 

There is usually at least one semester that is most suitable within your programme for exchange studies. If you are unsure, talk to your programme responsible or the International Coordinator at your faculty/department.

Remember to plan ahead – where and during which semester you want to go on exchange affects when you need to apply. For exchange studies within Europe you can apply the semester before going, but for many places outside of Europe you must apply 2 to 3 semesters ahead.

Find out where you can go

Where you can go depends on what you study and what semester you are applying for. Check the ‘Announcement’ (‘Utlysning’) of your faculty/department to find out what is available in the current application round!

Research your opportunities

Most probably you have not heard about all of our partner universities. Research the different alternatives on offer, looking at the universities’ profiles and course catalogues. Explore your options to find out more, and discuss your possibilities with the coordinators at your programme.

Remember that it is well worth putting some effort into researching the different alternatives on offer – this usually makes a stronger application, as it is obvious whether you have read up on the universities you describe in your application.

Find out what other students think

Check what other students have thought about being away at specific universities, and possibly connect and ask them about their experiences. Make sure to check our blogs and facebook pages below:

Study Abroad Blogs

Facebook – 'Studera utomlands Malmö högskola / Study Abroad Malmö University'-page

Evaluations/reports from exchanges outside of Europe

How do I find information on what courses are available?

Here, under the heading 'Study Plan' is more information about how to find courses

Some final pointers:

  • Dare to take the crucial first step – your chances are good, the hardest part is to get started!
  • There are many alternatives – put some time and thought into each one of them to clarify what you want the most.
  • Try to start early. A good application usually takes some effort, and as the alternatives are many it can take some time to decide on your priorities.
  • Use the opportunity to choose five (5) universities* in your application – it will increase your chances in comparison to only choosing one! *(Students at GPS four (4) universities)
  • Focus (in you Statement of Purpose and CV) on why you are a good candidate. Remember that the application is to Malmö University, not to the host university, so you should try to show your department/faculty why you would be a good candidate for exchange studies and why they should choose to nominate you.
  • Remember, while assembling the application, that exchange studies is an exciting opportunity and the world's your oyster!
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