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Supporting Documents

You need to attach certain supporting documents to your printed MoveON application form. It is important that you follow the instructions carefully, as incomplete applications will be disqualified.

Please note that you also need to upload all your supporting documents in your online MoveON application.

A complete application includes:

  1. A MoveON application form, signed and with one affixed passport-sized picture. You fill out your Study Plan(s) as part of your MoveON application.
  2. Statement of Purpose (one letter only, max one A4-page)
  3. Curriculum Vitae (one A4-page)
  4. Language Skills Documentation
  5. Transcript of Records showing the credits you have obtained at Malmö University. 
  6. If you study courses independently you must attach a Study Description, in which you describe how you plan to obtain a degree from Malmö University.
  7. Optional: Transcript of records if you have credits from another university.

Only the requested documents must be enclosed. No other documents, certificates or recommendations (whatever they may be) will be considered and should therefore not be attached.

2. Statement of Purpose

A motivation letter, describing how the proposed exchange studies can be connected to your studies at Malmö University and how you will benefit from studying abroad on an academic and personal level. You should write one motivation for each chosen university in one letter, explaining why you have chosen each one of them as one of your alternatives. Remember - it's one letter per application, NOT one letter per university.

The letter should be in English if it is the language of instruction at the host university. If you intend to study in another language, for instance in Spanish, you need to write your Statement of Purpose in that language but also include a translation of the letter in English. The letter should be maximum one A4 page in length.

Tips for your Statement of Purpose:

  • Why you wish to participate in the exchange programme
  • What you hope to achieve from participating in the programme (aims and objectives)
  • How studies at your host exchange will benefit you both academically and personally
  • Awareness of your proposed host university and the country’s culture
  • Your willingness to give feedback to Malmö University

You can also use Malmö University Career Services' resources on writing a cover letter and attend the Career Services' workshops for more support. 

3. Curriculum Vitae

Your CV should be written in English. It should include relevant education, work experience and extracurricular activities. It should not include grades, certificates, letters of recommendation etc. Your CV should be one A4 page in length maximum.

Example of a CV 

You can also use Malmö University Career Services' resources on writing a CV and attend their CV workshops

4. Language Skills Documentation

Please see Language requirements for more detailed information regarding different exchange places.

5. Transcript of Records

Please attach your Transcript of Records from LADOK, showing the credits you have obtained at Malmö University this far.

If you study your first semester and don't have any points registered as of yet, you should instead enclose an Enrolment Certificate, showing the PROGRAMME you are enrolled in. You can arrange this in the same way that you arrange a regular Ladok transcript.

You can get this from logging in to Ladok student.

PLEASE NOTE! If you generate your transcript from Ladok, you need to print out the transcript and then scan the document before you upload it in your online application. This action is necessary in order to avoid problems when uploading, due to the fact that the transcripts are verified and encrypted. 

6.  Not studying within a programme?

If you study courses independently you must attach a Study Description, in which you describe how you plan to obtain a degree from Malmö University and how the exchange semester fits into your future degree. The Study Description does not have be in a certain format.


7. Previous study results. You can also include a Transcript of Records if you have studied at another university prior to Malmö, and wish to show this as part of your application.

Got all of your documents sorted? Go to Application Instructions to finalize your application.

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