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Printing and Copying

To print and make copies you need a multicard.

How to print from a mah-computer


  1. Print to edu-Print-MAU. It´s installed on every computer at the university. 
  2. Identify yourself at any printer with your computeridentity or multicard.
  3. Select print or other services.

Printing from your own device (Mobility print)

MobilityPrint is Malmö Universitys service for printing from other devices, i.e. your personal computer, phone or surfpad when on campus. More information can be found at our  printportal where you logon with you Malmö University computer identity.

If you wish to print from your own device you need to remove everyoneprint.

Print directly from your device with mobilityprintor or print from the webinterface.


Buying printing credits

If you want to print or copy you need to pay in advance via the web (PayEx). PayEx is an external payment system that Malmö University is using. To use PayEx as payment systems you need to create a PayEx account and link it to your Malmö University computer identity.

During the semester you can buy credit at the Helpdesk.

How much does it cost?

Black and white Page Total
A4 single side 0,5 kr/page 0,50 kr
A4 double-sided 0,5 kr/page 1,00 kr
A3 single side 0,8 kr/page 0,80 kr
A3 double-sided 0,8 kr/page 1,60 kr
A4 single side 0,8 kr/page 0,80 kr
A4 double-sided 0,8 kr/page 1,60 kr
A3 single side 1,6 kr/page 1,60 kr
A3 double-sided 1,6 kr/page 3,20 kr

Check your balance and printing history

You can easily check you balance via printportal wher you also can see your printing history. 

Please contact the Servicedesk if further assistance is needed.

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