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Housing - Economy and Insurance

For many, the study years are a financially tough period - for others it's quite the opposite. Regardless, it is never wrong to keep track of your money. An effective way to do this is to make a budget and keep a cash book. The Swedish Consumer Agency can assist you in planning your finances. 


Many insurance companies currently offer special home insurance to students and the conditions of these can vary between different companies (usually they only apply to rental apartments). We recommend you to contact the different insurance companies and ask what rules apply.

If you sublet somebody's apartment or are a lodger, the original tenant's insurance does not usually cover damage that you cause. To avoid unnecessary costs, contact your current insurance company for their insurance policy or get insurance of your own.


CSN is the source of study grants and loans for Swedish students, and students residence in Sweden. As an international student you can normally only receive funding if you have moved to Sweden for another reason than to study here.

CSN - Funding for students resident in Sweden

If you are a visiting student, you must finance your studies yourself. However, you may have the right to receive financial aid for studies if you meet one of the following requirements:

• You have a permanent residence permit
• You have a parent who is a Swedish citizen
• You are an EU citizen, and worked in Sweden for at least two years
• You are an EU citizen, and you have been married or cohabited in Sweden for at least two years. Your spouse must be a Swedish citizen.

For more requirements or information - visit the CSN online or at Föreningsgatan 7, Malmö, Monday through Thursday between 10-14.


If you come to Sweden to study, you cannot normally receive housing allowance. However, one exception is if you come from another Nordic country. Provided that you register in the population register during your study period, you may be entitled to housing allowance.

If you are between 18 and 29 years old and have a low income, you can obtain housing allowance. You must live and be registered in the population register in Sweden at the address that you are applying for an allowance for.

The amount of allowance you receive depends on:
• the number of people living in the household
• housing cost and housing space
• income and assets

For more information visit Försäkringskassan

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