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Terms and Conditions

Unfortunately, Malmö University cannot guarantee accommodation to all applying students. Malmö University offers a guarantee for fee-paying students for the whole period of their studies and In previous years we have been successful in finding accommodation for our exchange students. But the situation is gradually becoming more problematic since Malmö University as a study destination has become more popular.

After you have filled in your application form, you will be placed in a suitable housing. Please note that this decision cannot be changed and the housing offered through this agreement is the sole option you have for the whole period of your studies. You cannot change housing later during your studies.


It is mandatory to have a private home insurance coverage while staying in the housing. The insurance cost for one semester is SEK 445 from fall semester 2013 and is arranged through the university.

The general rent period for the academic year (Fall-Spring semesters) is from 15 August – 15 June.

Contracts are signed for one year at a time at the most. For students with more than one year of studies, contracts can be extended upon fulfilling the requirement of 14 ECTS-credits per semester.

Tenants staying for more than one year and that have fulfilled the requirements above, will be able to access the rooms during the summer months.

Rent is paid strictly per calendar month. This means that if you are arriving or leaving in the middle of the month, you are still required to pay for the whole month. Exceptions: rent for August is paid from the 15th (no matter when in August you arrive) and rent for January is paid until/from the 15th. In June, you only pay for half a month as well, unless you stay beyond June 15th. Apart from that, rent is paid strictly per calendar month.

Within University Housing there is a one month’s notice period, meaning that you will have to terminate your contract at least 1 calendar month in advance. You can only move out during normal office hours, not during weekends or public holidays. If you wish to move out in the middle of a month, please note that you are still required to pay for the whole month.

 You will forfeit your chances of housing if you:

 - Do not apply for housing during the application period.
 - Do not pay your deposit before the given deadline.
 - Move out of your housing
 - Fail to comply with the housing regulations.

If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions, please contact the Housing Office.


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