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Most students who study at Malmö University need to arrange their own housing. Since there's a lack of student accommodation, we strongly recommend students to look for housing even before they are accepted.

Malmö has no dormitory buildings on campus, the approximately 2,000 student apartments are scattered across town. The majority are separate apartments but there are also a few dormitories. Rent can vary, but most are between SEK 3,400 - 4,500 per month.

The different student houses are presented in our guide. There you can also find information about how to apply for an apartment at various locations.

Student housing in Malmö come unfurnished! If you need information about where to look for affordable funiture and accessories in Malmö, look here.

NOTE! It can be very hard to get a student apartment - it's important to start looking as soon as possible! If you don't have a Swedish "personnummer" (social security number) fill in your date of birth when you make your applications. Fill in 'xxxx' instead of numbers for the four extra digits at the end.

Today, most student apartments are only available through the housing agency Boplats Syd. How quickly you get an apartment offer is based on how long you have been in the queue, therefore, it is wise to register early. It can take between 1-6 months to get an offer on a student apartment. Read more about Boplats here


1. Read through the housing guide and learn how to apply for apartments 
2. Register with Boplats Syd
3. Register with the smaller student housing companies
4. Keep track of what's available - update your search often
5. Combine your application to private companies with phone calls/personal letters  

Map over Malmö with student apartment buildings marked


Please note that some of the links below will transfer you to external pages with information in Swedish only! If you need help translating or understanding the different application systems offered by the property owners please look in out Housing Guide.

Axcon Lifra
Altona M2 Gruppen
Förvaltnings AB Bostaden                         Malmö Studenthus
Heimstaden MKB Fastighets AB
HSB Sundsfastigheter Prime Living


If you have questions or need help in your search for a place to stay please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at the Housing Office.


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