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Welcome to the Faculty of Odontology

the Faculty of Odontology at Malmö University

Welcome to the Faculty of Odontology at Malmö University - a leading centre of excellence with the strongest impact in shaping oral health for the community.

We offer educational programmes leading to a degree as a dental hygienist, dentist or dental technician. Postgraduate studies offer graduates the opportunity to participate in a qualified research under the supervision of experienced researchers. At the faculty we also educate the dental specialists of the future. The dental clinic is one of the region’s largest with more than 10000 patients each year.

Country/Area Profile Project

Country/Area Profile Programme (CAPP)

The WHO Oral Health Country/Area Profile Project (CAPP) was established at the Faculty of Odontology in 1995 with the objective to present information on dental diseases and oral health services for various countries/areas. Read more


Certification Program in Implant Dentistry

This is an extensive in-depth training certification program designed for clinicians to learn how to execute dental implant treatments in a safe and predictable way. Learn more

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