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World Health Organisation spotlights refugee integration efforts by Malmö University


'Panorama', the scientific journal of the World Health Organisation (WHO), has published an article on the work carried out by Partnership Skåne and the inclusive reception of asylum seekers and newly arrived refugees in Skåne. 

Malmö University is working within the Partnership Skåne development platform. Central to the Skåne model, which has now been highlighted by the WHO, is the significance of health to the establishment of migrants in Swedish society. 

“We are conducting research within a series of projects relating to the health of migrants. We recently presented the results, which show that a third of new migrants have experienced a deterioration in health following their arrival in Sweden,” said Slobodan Zdravkovic, Associate Professor in Public Health.

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MILSA - a research-based platform designed to help individuals become established in the labour market and improve their health - is part of Partnership Skåne.

Research within MILSA is being conducted largely by Malmö University, which in turn works with a number of other organisations and centres of education. At present, five interlinked studies are taking place through MILSA, four of which are headed by researchers at Malmö University.

“All the research results have been channelled back to the organisations concerned and will form the basis for improving the various initiatives and working methods,” said Zdravkovic

.Malmö University is working in association with the Skåne County Administrative Board, the municipal authorities in Skåne, Region Skåne, the Public Employment Service and a large number of NGOs.

Text: Adrian Grist

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