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Welcoming in a new year with new students!


As we kick-off 2017, nothing makes the university come to life quite like the fresh faces of incoming international exchange students. Eager to get started with their studies and explore the city and the country, 80 newcomers were welcomed at Arrivals Day. 

Heard about the university's great reputation

Ola Iyiola_Michael AkintundeOla Iyiola and Michael Akintunde are both from Nigeria, but are on exchange from a Lithuanian partner university.

“I had read a lot about Sweden and I think this is going to be a really good experience. I like new environments and places I have never been to before. I have read many things about Malmö University and it seems like a great place to study, with Sweden’s high standard of education that is recognised everywhere in the world. I’ve heard it is a nice city and that it is easy to make friends here,” said Michael. 

“Everything has been explained to us, you can ask the student ambassadors anything, which is fantastic,” added Ola.

Love of Swedish culture

Lisa Marmanowski Arriving from a ten-hour bus ride from Berlin, exchange student Lisa Marmanowski is in Malmö to take courses in literature and comics at the School of Arts and Communication.

“I’m looking forward to staying here and experiencing the student lifestyle. I’ve never lived in a dorm before, and I think that will be fun. 

“The thing that attracted me to Malmö University was the education, as well as my interest in Swedish culture - people are so polite here.”

All part of the Scandinavian experience

Jereoen Wevers_Jenna ZijlstraJereoen Wevers and Jenna Zijlstra are great friends from The Netherlands, both studying real estate management in their homeland, but now choosing to study other subjects for six months before heading off to explore Scandinavia.  

Jereoen, who will be studying International Relations, said: “I wanted to do something which I find interesting and don’t do as part of my own studies. We looked at Malmö and thought ‘it looks really nice, let’s go!’ The city is big compared to where I am from and the students all speak English. 

About to embark on a Peace and Conflict course, Jenna added: “I love Scandinavia, the people and the design here. After this we will travel through Sweden, Norway and Finland. It is going to be a great experience.  

Getting on her bike!

Brianna ColganAustralian exchange student Brianna Colgan is studying Refugees and Asylum Law and Children's Rights. For her, the interest in Malmö University came from spending time with a former Malmö student. 

“I was told Malmö was the kind of city where everyone rides bikes everywhere. And that it has got plenty of great restaurants and bars. During my time here I’m looking forward to joining loads of clubs and meeting new people.

 “Apart from studying, I hope to travel and do some trips in Sweden. And go on bike rides, of course.”

Text: Adrian Grist

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