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The Student Self Service closes


A new system for managing your studies is being introduced, so as a student at Malmö University, here is everything you need to know.

Get your academic transcript and certificate of enrolment before March 22

Malmö University will be upgrading Ladok, which means that the Student Self Service will be closing. From March 22, you will not be able to register online or get a certificate of enrolment. Grades set during the upgrade will not be available until April 3.

Applications for leave from studies, admission to a later part of a programme or deferment of study commencement will not be administrated until after the upgrade.

If you are awaiting notification from the National Board of Student Aid (CSN), the upgrade may result in delays. 

Ladok Student will replace Student Self Service

After March 22, you will be using Ladok Student to view your grades and register online.

You will no longer be able to use the Student Self Service.


  1. March 14 – Exam registrations are made in Kronox
    You must log into Kronox with your computer ID, choose the tab labelled ‘Exam’ and find your course.
  2. March 22 – the Student Self Service closes
    You will not be able to get academic transcripts or access your grades.
  3. April 3 – New system is launched
    You can now access your grades and academic transcripts in Ladok Student.

Text: Amanda Malmquist

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