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University's graduation fanfare in Abu Dhabi


COMMISSIONED COURSE PROGRAMME. The first students on the Diabetes Training Programme at Fatima College in the United Arab Emirates recently graduated. The programme is a collaborative venture between Malmö University, Lund University and the healthcare export company Skåne Care.


"The graduation ceremony in Abu Dhabi was a very festive occasion, including a fanfare from Malmö University when the students received their diplomas," said Carin Alm-Roijer, assistant head of the Department of Care Science

The 27 students, all practising nurses and doctors, were enrolled at Malmö University and have now graduated.

Satisfied students

The commissioned programme commenced in January 2014 and carries 69 higher education credits. It was designed to provide the students with greater knowledge of ways to improve the health of patients suffering from diabetes and to prevent complications and also how to prevent the disease from developing.

"They not only have the tools to teach patients about their disease but also the knowledge to interpret scientific results in order to be able to work in an evidence-based way."

Both the students and the management at Fatima College are extremely pleased with the programme, which has been evaluated by both groups.

Broader interest

A total of six teachers from Malmö University and Lund University taught on the programme.

"There was excellent collaboration between all the parties involved and we are discussing a possible continuation. Other countries in the region have also shown an interest in the programme," explained Karin Alm-Roijer.
She can also foresee positive effects for nursing students in Malmö.
"We have acquired greater knowledge and experience in the global prevention and treatment of diabetes, which will certainly benefit our students."

Text: Charlotte Löndahl Bechmann

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