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Strategic Media Development - new master's programme



Malmö University will offer a new master's programme called 'Strategic Media Development', starting autumn 2015. The programme is now open for application. The education is provided by the Faculty of Technology and Society at the department Media Technology and Product Development. Malmö University's education in Media Technology has received several educational awards in the last years, from both academia and the business sector.



Sara Leckner is assistant professor at the Faculty of Technology and Societ and has been involved in developing the new Master’s programme 'Strategic Media Development'. We asked Sara to tell us something about the programme:

What is the programme about?
"The one-year master program Strategic Media Development focuses on in-depth knowledge of new media technology, particularly for strategic and business solutions in multiple-channel publishing. If you want to be able to use new media technologies in a strategic, innovative and analytical way, from both a theoretical and practical standpoint, this program provides a good foundation."

Why is this expertise needed?
"The media landscape has changed a lot the last 20 years and continues to change in a fast pace, where media are being used in an increasing amount of contexts in society today. This growing complexity requires a new type of knowledge. This program is developed to meet this need, and we believe that there will be a high demand for those who graduates from the program, since this type of competence is something that is requested by the media industry."

What kind of job can I get?
"After graduation the student has the prerequisites to develop and lead future businesses in a wide variety of positions in the rapidly changing media field. Possible positions are found in business, public sector as well as in academia. It can be anything from developing and manufacturing media industry, marketing and communications, IT and web development, to service industry and consulting, start-up of operations, or research. Possible titles are such as strategist, developer and project leader."

Why is Malmö University a good choice for studying Media Technology?
"Malmö University is young and modern and we have established a good relationship with many companies in the region. The education in Media Technology maintains high quality and has received several educational awards in the last years, both internally and externally, and from both academia and the business sector. A strength of the education is its multidisciplinary faculty, with expertise in a variety of areas in the field of media technology. Thus, we believe that the program stands up well in competition with similar programs at other universities."

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