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Malmö University’s Vice-Chancellor transfers to Chalmers


Malmö University's Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stefan Bengtsson, is to become the new president and CEO of Chalmers University of Technology.
The move, which was decided by the Chalmers board on Wednesday evening, means that Professor Bengtsson will be leaving Malmö University in the summer.

  Stefan Bengtsson, Vice-Chancellor of Malmö University
  Malmö University's Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stefan Bengtsson, is to become the new president and CEO of Chalmers University of Technology. 

Stefan Bengtsson took up office as  in August 2011 on a contract that was due to expire in July 2017.
"My time in Malmö was shorter than I'd thought and planned for," he says. "I've had some wonderful years at Malmö University and dealt with many difficult and intriguing issues."

Made a profound impact on Malmö University
As Vice-Chancellor of Malmö University, Professor Bengtsson has driven and instigated a number of change processes with his sights set on the university's vision for 2020.
"Stefan has made a profound impact on Malmö University," says Gun-Britt Fransson, chair of the university's board of governors and vice president of research and development at Probi.
"He's been a driving force behind making Malmö University even more attractive to students, and has systematically pushed to increase the relative volume of research done here while encouraging our interaction with the wider community."
"Under Stefan's leadership, Malmö University has grown in substance to become the university that we feel we want and ought to be." 

The natural next step: president of Chalmers
Now Professor Bengtsson is to return to Göteborg and to Chalmers, where he was vice president prior to becoming vice-chancellor at Malmö. He is also a professor at Chalmers, having graduated there with a PhD and, originally, a Bachelor's degree.
"After a great deal of thought, and fairly late in the process, I decided to accept the nomination, stand as a candidate, and throw myself wholeheartedly into the competition for the post of president at Chalmers," he says.
"My decision to accept my proposed candidature emerged gradually and feels like a natural step for me."

Gun-Britt Fransson is sorry to see Stefan Bengtsson leave Malmö University, but wishes him luck nonetheless:
"I would personally like to wish Stefan the best of luck in what is a very distinguished and prestigious appointment as president of Chalmers. And I would also congratulate Chalmers on now being able to benefit from Stefan's drive and energy."

Need to recruit new Vice-Chancellor
Malmö University now needs to look around for a new Vice-Chancellor. The government appoints the university's Vice-Chancellors on the proposal of the university board, which will be addressing the issue at its next meeting on 18 February.

Text: Charlotte Orban

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