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Arrival day – international students get a warm welcome on a rainy day


“I have heard that Malmö University is very good in my subject, I am studying to be a preschool teacher. I also know students that have studied here in the past and I have heard a lot of good things from their experiences.” says Jaioue Arocena, who has just arrived from Basque country in Spain. 

Arrival day - Spanish exchange students checking in

Photo: Adrián Recalde, Malen Garmendia and Jaioue Arocena from Spain are three of Malmö University's newly arrived exchange students. Here at the Student Centre.

74 new exchange students will start their studies at Malmö University this spring and most of them arrive in Malmö today. In all they represent 18 different countries including Australia, Brazil, USA, Canada and Korea.  Malmö University staff and student mentors are buzzing in the Student Centre and at the train station, ready to greet the newly arrived students and help them to get settled in.

Jaioue is sitting with her friend Malen Garmendia, who is also studying to become a preschool teacher and Adrián Recalde, who is studying to become a nurse. “I choose to go to Malmö University because Sweden is an attractive country and because I have heard many good things from other students. I have never been in Sweden before.” says Adrián.

All three of them will be living at the Student dormitory “Rönnen”.

During the following week they the newly arrived exchange students will get an introduction to Malmö University, Malmö and Sweden, starting with a Welcome Meeting where they will meet Malmö University’s Vice-Chancellor Stefan Bengtsson. During the introduction programme they will also get to try a Sauna, ice skating and take a trip to IKEA.

Text: Helena Nord

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