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A warm welcome for some far-flung students



Is there a better way to show off Malmö University’s global appeal than that of Arrival Day for our Exchange Students?

More than 150 eager students from around 30 countries were met by staff and fellow undergraduates to be welcomed and introduced to the next stage of their educational adventure.

Many had literally just arrived straight from countries as far-flung as China and Australia. Some were met at the railway station where they were guided to the Student Centre so welcome packs could be dished out and onward travel to their accommodations arranged.

Here to embrace the culture

Johnny, from Tasmania, Australia, is here to study sustainability, sport and recreation from a Swedish perspective.

"Sustainability is quite close to my heart, I’m passionate about it and Scandinavians are world leaders in it. Malmö seems like a very friendly place. Everyone has been very helpful. I just had to get my residence permit and they didn’t just say ‘catch the bus’; someone came with me to the migration office."

"I’m always into doing something different, I’ll embrace the culture – I’ll eat some herring and maybe try and see some reindeer!"

Exchange australia Johnny

Looking forward to the adventure

Laura and Alyssa from Switzerland and France both agreed that the day had been a great help. They were looking forward to the experience and adventure of studying abroad.

"I’ve heard a lot of good things about living in Sweden and Malmö. I think there is a state of mind here which is famous all around the world, a state of mind which is innovative,” said Alyssa.

Exchange swiss french Lora and Alyssa


Great student help

Wong Sin from Hong Kong, China, who will be studying International Relations, arrived at the Student Centre directly from her flight after getting the train from Copenhagen.

“I felt very lucky to be met by a student who helped when I got off the train at Malmö. The day seems very well organised, the campus seems beautiful and the weather is nice – I’m looking forward to my exchange year here." 

Exchange china Wong Sin


Text: Adrian Grist

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