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Students from Malmö and West Virginia Study Together


Development of old industrial cities is the focus of a Swedish-American exchange, starting this Spring. The project is one of four at the School of Education that received SEK 50,000 from the  Education Committee's funds for educational development.

De-industrialized Cities and Identity Formation, is the name of the internationalisation project, and is a collaboration between the School of Education and Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, USA. In the pilot project, twelve students from each university work together. The students from the School of Education study History with Cultural Analysis, level 2 or 3. First, the American students come to Malmö for a couple of weeks, and then the students from Malmö travel to the United States to continue their studies.

- The theme is cities and urban environments in transition and the course deals with the de-industrialization of the cities that were once distinctive industrial cities, said Helena Tolvhed, Educational Coordinator for Historical Studies.

According to Helena Tolvhed, the slightly smaller city of Huntington has a story similar to Malmö's and is beginning the transition from an industrial city to knowledge city. The idea is that students will study and compare change processes in the two cities.

– There are interesting commonalities and it is exciting to work in projects where the students come into contact with other systems of education. We hope to build on this project by starting a history course in English, said Helena Tolvhed.

An additional three projects at the School of Education were awarded SEK 50,000 by the Education Committee. The funds go to researchers who want to implement an educational development project with a specific theme: 

– How students interpret and handle written response to the independent work on the first cycle (Nanny Hartmar, Karin Jönsson, Jan Nilsson)

– Reflective extracting exams to assess student performance (Torsten Buhre, Joakim Ingrell)

– Portfolio - in support of student learning and as a tool for assessing student performance (Jan-Erik Ekberg, Torun Mattsson)

Text: Magnus Jando

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