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Student essays

Publishing your essay in MUEP is a quick process. First, save your essay in PDF format. Next, fill out the online form and upload the PDF file. Finally, approve an agreement between you, the author, and the university, and then your essay is published.

Your essay will not be immediately searchable in MUEP since it must first be approved by your course/programme administrator. The administrator will be notified by email that your essay has been published in MUEP. Once it has been approved, you will receive an email as proof that publication has been completed. After this, your essay will be searchable in Google Scholar, Google, Uppsök, Essays.se and other sites.

A step-by-step guide to publishing your student essay

1. Create a PDF of your essay

In order to publish your essay in MUEP, it must first be saved in PDF format. In newer versions of Word, you can save your file as a PDF. Do not use special characters (eg å, ä, ö) or spaces in the file name.

2. Publish in MUEP

  1. Go to www.mah.se/muep. Click on Login under the heading My account on the right side of the page.

  2. Log in with your username and password, the same as you use when logging into the university network. If you have forgotten your computer username and/or password, please contact the Helpdesk. If you want to publish an essay after you have left the university, contact MUEP to get a guest login. 

  3. When you have logged in, click on Start a New Submission.

  4. Select the collection you want to submit your essay to. You will find your programme/course in the list starting with Student Essays / . Click Next to continue.

  5. The next step is to accept the license whereby you agree to your essay being made available online. You of course retain the right to your work. Check the box next to I grant the license then click Next.

  6. Next, describe your essay: author, title, keywords, abstract etc. Click Next.

  7. Upload your PDF file. Use Browse to find and select the file you wish to upload. Click Upload file & add another then Next.

  8. On the following page, you can make alterations to your submission if necessary. When you are satisfied that it is accurate and complete, click Complete submission.

  9. When you have completed the registration, a notification email is sent to your course/programme administrator who will check and approve the registration and publish the essay. You will then get a confirmation email.

You will be able to see your essay when it is awaiting approval by the administrator under the heading Submissions being reviewed . If your essay is instead visible under the heading Unfinished submissions then you have not completed your registration (or it has been sent back as incomplete by the administrator but you will receive an email in that case). To complete the registration, click on the essay title and click through the steps above once more.

If you have trouble saving in PDF format or logging into MUEP, contact the Helpdesk.
If you have other questions about publishing in MUEP, get in touch with the contacts on this list (in Swedish).

3. Visibility

Publishing your essay in MUEP means that others can view and access your work. When your publication is approved, you will receive an email containing a link that you can use if you wish to link to your essay eg in a CV.

MUEP communicates with other services via a technical protocoll known as OAI-PMH which allows your essay to be searchable in Google Scholar, Google, Uppsök, Essays.se and other sites, as well as visible in news feeds such as the Student Portal RSS feed. MUEP is based on the open source software DSpace and students at Malmö University has been able to self-publish in MUEP since 2000.


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