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How to travel in Malmö

Despite the fact that Malmö is Sweden's third largest city, it is still quite small. Many live in Malmö - but on a small space! Thus, wherever you live in Malmö, it will only take a short time to get to Malmö University!

The by far easiest way to travel in Malmö is by bicycle. It is also inexpensive and environmentally friendly! A new bicycle costs from SEK 3,000 and a used bike around SEK 1,500. Don't forget to ask if they have student discounts in the bicyckle shops!

NOTE! Malmö organizes bike auctions a few times a year where you can buy a used bike at a great price. The information of dates and location can be found to the right on this page. For more information click here (only in Swedish).


It costs SEK 22 for a single trip in Malmö (SEK 17 if you have JOJO card). Please note that you can't pay with cash on buses in Skåne. If you want to travel by bus in Malmö, you can buy a ticket via text message (you need a Swedish phone number though), Skånetrafiken mobile app or use the travel card (Jojo card). If you travel by bus in Skåne (the yellow buses) you can pay with a credit card, Skånetrafiekn mobile app or use a travel card.

There are different types of travel cards and you can buy them either at Pressbyrån,  7 Eleven or in any of Skånetrafikens Customer Service Center (located at Triangeln and the Central Station).

Jojo discount - you load the card with minimum 200 sek and use the card in all of Skåne. By using the card you get a 20% discount on your ticket.  

Jojo period - this card is valid for 30 days. Price for one month in Malmo costs SEK 495. Student discount is available only with the bus pass valid for the whole of Skåne (SEK 1 195).

For more information visit Skånetrafikens website.

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