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Celsiusgården was renovated and turned into student housing in 2001, Rikshem AB owns and manages the complex. The house is divided into two parts: University Housing and regular student housing


Celsiusgården has 40 dormitory rooms, distributed on 4 floors. All rooms are fully furnished and have a private bathroom. The size of the rooms varies between 13 sqm and 17 sqm.

A typical bedroom in Celsiusgården. A private bathroom with shower, toilet and sink.  

Common areas

Ten students on each floor share a dining room, a lounge area with a TV and a fully-equipped kitchen (including dishwasher, stoves, microwaves, fridges, freezer, and all necessary kitchen utensils). Two laundry rooms and a storage room for bicycles are available in the basement.

Shared living room area in Celsiusgården. Shared kitchen area equipped with all the necessities.

Community Amenities

  • The cost of electricity, heating and TV is included in the rent.
  • The cost of internet is included in the rent. As there is no WiFi in the building, students must bring a network cable to connect their computers.


Celsiusgården is located next to Rönnen and Rönnen International student houses. It is also close to the Värnhem square and shopping centre Entré. A large supermarket called "Willy's" is just 100m down the street. 

Public transportation from Celsiusgården to the University and City Centre is easily accessible. Bus number 3 stops directly at Celsiusgården; bus numbers 4, 6, 31, 33, 34 and 84 depart from Värnhem square and stop at several locations throughout the city. City buses usually run every 5-10 minutes on weekdays. Biking to the university takes between 10 and 15 minutes.

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