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Students at Möllan

Exchange and tuition fee-paying students

The Housing Office offers rooms and apartments to exchange and tutiton fee-paying students under the name University Housing. Tuition fee-paying students are guaranteed housing, exchange students are offered housing depending on availability.

EU/EEA and Swiss students

Malmö University does not arrange the housing for EU/EEA and Swiss citizens, thus you need to arrange accommodation on your own. Since there is a general lack of housing, Malmö University strongly recommend students to look even before you are accepted.

Second hand housing

malmö gågatan stadsbildThe fastest way to find a place to stay in Malmö, is to look at the so called "second hand housing market". That is; to sublet someone else's apartment or become a lodger in a private residence.

Via Hemma, the university ad pade for second-hand housing, you can find offers from people who are looking for student tenants. At Hemma there is also lots of useful information for those venturing into the second-hand market.

Read our tips on how to protect yourself from frauds on the second hand market.

Rental apartments

Another option is the rental market. At the rental market you can find both student apartments and regular rental apartments.

There are about 67,000 rental apartments in Malmö. MKB Fastighet, the municipal housing company, owns about one third of them, but the majority are owned by private housing companies.

Most of the property owners advertise their vacancies through the municipal housing agency Boplats Syd (website in Swedish). It costs SEK 300 per year to be a member and it takes on average 1-8 months to get an offer for a student apartment, or 2-5 years for a rental apartment. The various property owners can choose which demands the tenant must meet in order to apply for one of their apartments - so make sure to always have an updated profile. 

Fill in this form to sign up to boplatssyd. Use the google translate function on the webiste to translate it to english.

To be able to sign a contract for a rental apartment you often need to be able to pay a three month deposit (or find a creditor who has a financial record in Sweden) plus one months rent in advance.

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