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How to apply to Malmö University

Apply online through national website 

Students apply to Malmö University online through the national website universityadmissions.se.

There is no paper application form available and it is not possible to apply directly to Malmö University.

How to apply – Step-by-step instructions

1. Find your course or programme

You will find all our programmes and courses in our course catalogue below. The Apply-button on the course page will take you to universityadmissions.se. Log in, or create an account, to submit your application.

Malmö University course catalogue

2.  Pay the application fee

You need to pay an application fee if you are a non-EU/EEA citizen or provide proof of citizenship if you are an EU/EEA-citizen.

Application fee

Information about EU/EEA citizenship

3. Prepare and send in your documents with a cover sheet

Required Documents - Bachelor's Programme

Required Documents - Master's Programme

Please check if there are country specific information regarding your documentation.

Read more about submitting documentation

Required upper secondary level documentation

English tests

Documents sent in via post must always be attested or certified.  Documents that are not appropriately attested or certified will not be considered

You send one batch of documents to:
University Studies in Sweden,
FE 20102
SE 839 87 Östersund

4. Follow your application in your account on universityadmissions.se.

There you will be notified when your documents arrive and can see the status of your application. Your notification of admission will be published there as well. 

Application instructions at universityadmissions.se

Advanced standing

If you have previous studies within one of Malmö University’s major subjects, it might be possible for you to apply for Advanced Standing to one of your programmes. Note, this option is only if your previous studies are within the major subject. These applications are made at the same deadlines for applications as the other application rounds.

Apply online on Malmö University's Form Store

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