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Work at Malmö University

Studenter på Niagaras takterrass

Malmö University was founded in 1998. Since then, it has grown to become one of Sweden’s ten largest universities with around 1800 employees and 12 000 full-time students. Today, the university is characterised by an open and inclusive atmosphere, an international environment and modern forms of study, as well as multidisciplinary education and research in close interaction with wider society. The university’s ambition is to contribute to the solution of various societal challenges through education and research.

Malmö University’s activities are marked by four core values: diversity, creativity, quality and commitment to the community. Our core values are based on a workplace free from discrimination, victimisation and harassment. Employees and managers have a shared responsibility to strive for a work climate in which everyone experiences participation, security and mutual trust.

Reinforce and deepen your expertise

Our employees’ opportunities to develop professionally and as individuals are very important. University employees are offered continuous professional development through a range of internal training courses.

Malmö University also strives to increase the academic excellence within the institution through recruitment and initiatives to raise the level of expertise. An important part of this work is to encourage lecturers and senior lecturers to acquire the qualifications necessary for higher positions and ultimately for associate professorship.

Benefits, terms and conditions

As a Malmö University employee, you are a working for a public authority. This means that:

  • Your employer complements your statutory allowance if you are on parental leave
  • Your salary is set individually
  • You have more than the statutory five weeks of annual leave – how much you get depends on your age
  • The citizens are your employers
  • Your work is governed by laws which serve to contribute to openness and transparency in the organisation.

Opportunities for international exchange

As a university employee, you have many opportunities to make international contacts and to cooperate with colleagues abroad. Both researchers and teaching staff, as well as administrative staff, can apply for international exchanges through Erasmus and other networks. 

Joining us at Malmö University means working in a modern university, in the heart of a cosmopolitan Swedish city. We can offer a range of job opportunities, including administration, teaching and research jobs.

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