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Refunds and non-payment

Here you will find a summary of Malmö University’s decisions regarding refunds and non-payment of tuition fees.

If tuition fees are not paid

Students from outside the EU/EEA have to pay tuition fees to enroll in a course or a programme at Malmö University. The payment has to be completed in order to start the first year of studies.

To continue onto your second or third year, you will have to pay the tuition fees within the required time period. If you do not pay the tuition fees on time, you will be suspended from your studies until payment has been completed. 

The decision to suspend students is made before the start of term. The suspension means you will not be able to attend lectures, take exams, receive certificates or engage in any part of the university’s teaching programmes. 

The decision to suspend students can only be taken by the head of the Division of Student Affairs. Appeals against this decision can be made to The Higher Education Appeals Board.

The Higher Education Appeals Board

Tuition fee refunds

Before enrolment

A full tuition fee refund, except an administrative fee of SEK 3,000, may be granted before enrolment. 

Valid reasons for a refund include (but are not limited to) a rejection of a residence permit application, failure to meet academic requirements for enrolment, or if the student changes his or her mind. 

Early withdrawal

A full tuition fee refund, except an administrative fee of SEK 3,000, may be granted students who register for an early withdrawal from studies. 

An early withdrawal can be made up to three weeks into the semester and must be reported to the Programme Administrator as well as the Admissions Office.

Deferral of studies for accepted students and academic leave

Deferral of Studies

A full tuition fee refund, except an administrative fee of SEK 3,000, may be granted students with an approved deferral of studies. 

In the event of a granted refund due to a postponement of studies, the tuition fee paid prior to enrolment is reduced by an amount equal to the administrative fee.

Change in fee-paying status 

Refunds for a whole or half semester may be granted to students who have been excempted from the obligation to pay tuition fees (i.e. through a change in residence permit status or acquisition of citizenship).

Students must inform Malmö University about an exemption from the obligation to pay tuition fees as soon as possible, and no later than ten weeks into the semester for which tuition fee was paid. Refunds for less than half a semester are generally not granted.  

Special Grounds

Your tuition fees can also be refunded if there are special grounds for not being able to attend your chosen studies. These can include, for example, denial of a residence permit, illness, not meeting the required academic qualifications for admission or other, more grievous, circumstances.

Academic leave

Tuition fee refunds are usually not granted for academic leave. The tuition fee is instead transferred to the semester in which the student re-enrols

Transfer of Credits

Refunds may be granted in reference to a transfer of credits for courses corresponding to at least 15 credits.

Additional information regarding tuition fee refunds

  • Refund requests submitted later than ten weeks into the semester for which tuition fee has been paid are generally not considered.
  • Refund requests must be made in writing to the attention of the Admissions Office and include a completed Refund Request Form, as well as supporting documentation.
  • Suspension from a programme or course by the disciplinary board does not entitle you to a refund.
  • Decisions regarding tuition fee refund requests are made by the Head of the Division of Student Affairs and cannot be appealed.

The Swedish legislation along which the above regulations are developed is called the Higher Education Act and The Ordinance on Registration and Tuition Fees and University Colleges.

Relevant parts of this legislation are described in detail in the full version of the university's decision below.

Procedures for suspension of students for non-payment of tuition fees,and for refunding of tuition fees to students

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