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Main entrance at Niagara

Welcome to the 13th Annual Workshop of

Biofilms – Research Center for Biointerfaces


Oral Interfaces

The 18th-19th of October 2017 at Niagara, lecture hall B1, Malmö

This year our annual workshop will focus on oral interfaces. Among the speakers are representatives from both academia and industry. Prof Philip Marsh, Professor of Oral Microbiology at University of Leeds, will introduce the meeting with prospects of oral disease control in the future. The program of lectures will then cover aspects of salivary pellicles, oral biofilms and implants.

Please, see flyer and program

Register here before the 6th of October

Deadline for abstract submission is 18th of September. Please submit your abstract to magdalena.almen@mah.se.
Abstract text is limited to 2500 characters and poster size is limited to 65 cm in width.

Looking forward to see you in October!


Biofilms – Research Center for Biointerfaces invites all younger scientists at Biofilms to a workshop of inspiration on the theme

How to stay motivated and successfully lead yourself


The 17th of October, 14:00 – 17:00 at Forskaren

For more details, please see the invitation

Register by an email to Magdalena.Almen@mah.se no later than the 10th of October

Breakfast meeting

Opportunities in Glycosciences, Klas Ola Blixt, University of Copenhagen

27th of October, 10:00 - 10:30 at Forskaren

No registration, just turn up!

Seminars at the Faculty of Odontology

Read more here

Contact: liselott.lindh@mah.se

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