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New iPhone

Whether you have an iPhone or Samsung, it's easy to get started with a new mobile phone. If you received a new SIM card, contact Servicedesk to enable it.

iphone wifi symbol

1. Connect to Eduroam/Wifi

Create a new eduroam account at idservice.mah.se and connect your new device to Wi-Fi




iPhone 6 appleID

2. Create an account to download apps

Log in to your existing appleID or create a new one. Use your job email address when creating your appleID.





3. Install the "Tele2 Växel" app

Follow this guide to install the Tele2s Växel app where where you manage settings about your phone connection. You will find the app in the App Store.



mail e-post outlook

4. Add your work e-mail

Follow this guide to add your work mail and calendar to the phone. This way, you'll always have your mail available, and will receive reminders on your phone about your meetings.

You can choose between using the built in apps for mail and calendar or install Microsofts Outlook app.


iphone lockscreen

5. Activate a passcode

If you configured Malmö University's e-mail to your mobile phone, you should have password protection enabled. This is to prevent someone from accessing the content of your mobile as well as your email.






Apples guide to getting started with your new iPhone

Got an old phone with information?

If you have an old iPhone, you can copy all settings to the new one. You back up your old phone and then copy over this backup on the new phone. Read about it here.

How to switch from an Android to an iPhone


Keep in mind that backup on photos and contacts is your responsibility. IT department does not take into account lost pictures, apps, etc.