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New PC with Windows 10

nätverk1. Log on to the computer

The first time you log in, your computer must be connected to Malmö University's network through a network cable.


wifi symbol

2. Connect to Wi-Fi (Eduroam)

The first time you connect, you need to fill in your Wi-Fi login information, after that, the computer remembers them and connects automatically.

1. Go to idservice.mah.se
2. Log on with your computerID
3. Click on ”Eduroam/WiFi account” in the left side menu
4. Retrieve the information to your existing account or create a new one.

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softwarecenter3. Install software

Start ”Software Center”, here you can download selected programs that the IT department has prepared for you (eg SPSS, Adobe Acrobat, Chrome / Firefox). Further down on this page is a "how to" movie (currently only with swedish audio)

Läs mer mah.se/programvara


4. Create a shortcut to you home directory

All your documents must be saved to a secure device where backup is being made. Therefore, never save files on the desktop or in the local folder "documents".

In Windows 10, you can create a shortcut in the Start menu to your home directory so you can access them directly. 

  1. Click on start
  2. Start the explorer
  3. Right-click your home directory or folder and select "Pin to quick access"

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Microsoft Software Center for PC

Using Microsoft's Software Center, you can install selected applications from the IT department. All programs you find here are free to install (ie no license purchase is required). The following movies show you how to install programs. Currently the audio is in swedish.