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Nominate candidates for the 2017 teaching award

The Education Advisory Committee, together with Student Union Malmö and the students’ union at the Faculty of Odontology, is calling for nominations of candidates for the university’s teaching award, presented to teaching staff who have demonstrated exceptionally good teaching in terms of their ability to promote student learning. The overall aim of the award is to

  • encourage individual or teams of teaching staff to focus on student learning
  • acknowledge teaching staff teams and/or a particular teaching staff member whose educational contributions have promoted the knowledge development of students
  • support and develop educational collaboration between teaching staff and students, as well as other stakeholders in education

Criteria for the teaching award

  • The tuition of the candidate is based on research and/or proven experience in both the subject field and in teaching, to the benefit of the students’ knowledge development and critical approach.
  • The tuition of the candidate contributes to the integration of education and research.
  • The candidate contributes to educational collaboration with other local and global stakeholders.
  • The candidate supports and encourages learning by giving students real influence over their learning process.
  • The candidate supports and encourages learning through methods which require active student participation.
  • The candidate promotes a learning environment where particular emphasis is placed on having a good approach to and being inclusive of students.

Employees at Malmö University are hereby invited to nominate candidates who have made particularly significant contributions to education.

You may choose to nominate an individual teaching staff member or an entire group of teaching staff working together on a course/programme. A written justification for the nomination is to be included, based on the criteria above.
It is important that you justify the nomination according to all of the criteria to allow for an overall assessment.

The vice-chancellor will decide on a winner among the received nominees.

The teaching award consists of a scholarship, to provide opportunity for further professional development in teaching.

Since 2001, Malmö University’s teaching award has been a recurring feature at the university’s major academic event – the Annual ceremony – which this year will take place on 20 October. Employees who nominate candidates for the award will be invited to participate in this event.

Nominations of candidates and justifications must be received by 18 September 2017.
Incomplete nominations or nominations received after 18 September will not be considered. The names of the nominated candidates will be published on the university website. If you have any questions, please contact Monika Patay.