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Development of a new strategic plan moves forward


UNIVERSITY STATUS. The next phase of drawing up a new strategic plan for Malmö University 2018–2022 has begun.
During an all-day meeting, the appointed working group discussed the content of Malmö University’s strategic platform, Strategy 2020, and the in-depth supporting documents submitted to the Government.
“The new plan will continue to build on these efforts and the university’s identified target areas”, says vice-chancellor Kerstin Tham.

The all-day meeting on January 20 was a start of six intense months for the working group, which – apart from the vice-chancellor Kerstin Tham and deputy vice-chancellor Per Hillbur – is composed of five professors and five senior lecturers from the faculties, as well as one doctoral student and one student. The group will also receive administrative support, managed by head of planning Paula Pragert and analyst Madeleine Persson.
Apart from reflecting on the previous strategic plan and documentation submitted to the Government, the group examined the work process, timetable, roles and, not least, discussed the purpose of the future university-wide strategic plan.
Furthermore, the idea was to assign each participant in the working group with a task before the next meeting – to study and analyse examples of similar vision or strategy documents of other universities, both nationally and internationally.

“We have a delicate, but very inspiring task ahead of us.”
“At the same time, I believe we have a solid foundation for this work. Our Strategy 2020, the in-depth documentation to the Government, and the strategic initiatives and priorities to be submitted by the faculties this spring are, and will be, an important foundation and the cornerstones of this process.
“It is important that we succeed in writing a strategic plan that is both specific and relevant to our employees, and that can guide us in the process of shaping the future of Malmö University”, says Kerstin Tham. 

In addition to the nine meetings specifically for the working group, Kerstin Tham and Per Hillbur – and in some cases selected members of the working group – will also conduct approximately 50 discussion meetings throughout the working process. This is to both provide support for the work and to receive feedback from the organisation.
These meetings are, among other things, aimed to raise current strategy issues with employees within every university department, within the three university-wide preparatory committees and at the meetings of heads of department. They will also continuously provide information about the ongoing strategy work at the vice-chancellor’s general meetings for employees in March and May.

“Our ambition is for the working process to be as transparent as possible. Feedback and comments from the university staff are incredibly important in order for us to achieve a good result. Malmö University is nothing without its employees and students.

“It is also important that we maintain an open environment that allows critical discussions within the group”, says Kerstin Tham.

Therefore, she encourages all employees at the university to read the in-depth documentation submitted to the Government – particularly chapter four which is about the university’s future.

“The material in this chapter should serve as a starting point in the planned discussions”, concludes Tham.  

Reference groups and meetings