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Malmö Academic Choir and Orchestra

Malmö Academic Choir and Orchestra

Malmö Academic Choir and Orchestra

Since the year 2000, Malmö academic choir and orchestra has been leading representatives of Malmö University. They perform at ceremonies and annual events at the university. They occupy a natural and important place in Malmös cultural calendar with their annual concert series. 

The ensembles have an extensive international commitment with tours abroad and visiting ensembles from all over the world. They have performed in festivals and on tours abroad in Brazil, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Czech Rep., Canada, USA and China.  They have visited Portugal on invitation from the Gulbenkian Foundation to play at the Leiria International Music Festival, Evora Music Festival, and in the Concert houses of  Lagoa, Lagos and Faro.

Daniel Hansson

Daniel Hansson is the Artistic Director and Conductor of Malmö University in the south of Sweden. He has conducted ensembles such as Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra,  Manaus Opera Chorus, Malmo Symphony Orchestra and various ensembles in the region as well as given master classes in conducting at Universidad de Rio de Janeiro, Conservatorio Brasiliera, Londrina University and Tirana Academy of Music. 

He graduated from the Academy of Music in Piteå, where he studied choral conducting for Professor Eric Ericson and Professor Erik Westberg and orchestral conducting for Maestro Sigfried Nauman, Petter Sundqvist and Hans Bergquist. Daniel received the Eric Ericsson Scholarship 2003.

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