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Intervju med hedersdoktor professor Mogens Kilian


Professor Mogens Kilian från Aarhus universitet, Århus, kommer till Malmö för att uppmärksammas vid årshögtiden 21 september, som en av tre hedersdoktorer odontologiska fakulteten utsett 2012.

Congratulations! Your thoughts on being appointed to honorary doctor at the Faculty of Odontology in Malmö?
-Working with research and students brings significant pleasure by themselves, but recognition of your work by peers is also of immense importance. I see this honor as a sign of recognition by peers at the Faculty of Odontology, and for several reasons I am particularly happy to receive this honor from that institution. 

When did you first come in contact with the Malmö faculty?
-When I was still a dental student at the (then) Royal Dental College in Aarhus I spent one year, 1965-66, working on a Prize research project on the newly discovered cariogenic streptococci. During that work I became aware of the fact that the Malmö dental school was the world’s center for research on oral streptococci due to the activities of three young microbiologist Jan Calsson, Bo Krasse and Stig Edwardsson, who already then and in their subsequent glorious careers made very significant contributions to the field and were a source of inspiration to me and many others around the world. 

Can you please share a memorable moment while working with the school?
-Coming from a period of many years during which dental schools in Sweden and Denmark were threatened by the political wish to close dental institutions, it was a reassuring and memorable experience to revisit the Faculty of Odontology in Malmö and experience the optimism, complete rethinking of dental education and dental research that had taken place.

What do you think the future holds for the faculty and what do we need to think about?
-With the mentioned optimism, excellent research activities and collaborations with other institutions, combined with the unique teaching principles, I am convinced that the Faculty in Malmö will play an important role in the further developments of odontology and in the implementation of new ideas to the clinical setting.

What are your plans for the future?
-I am approaching the age that usually means retirement. However, in Denmark the mandatory retirement age has been abolished, which provides a more flexible situation. My own decision about when to stop will depend on success with current research activities and my continued ability to raise funds for the research activities of my group. Along with my professional activities music plays an important role in my life, and I will gradually spend more time playing chamber music with friends and having fun with grandchildren.

Text: Catarina Christiansson

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