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Us Seminar: Lives in the borderland: Coexistence, identity and contestation in urban China

Tid: 2017-05-26 14:00 -- 2017-05-26 16:00
Plats: Where: Niagara Hörsal (Auditorium) A & B, Ground floor
Målgrupp: Open for all


Prof. Deljana Iossifova. Lecturer in Urban Studies at the University of Manchester.

Deljana is a lecturer in Urban Studies at the University of Manchester. Her research is focused on urban transformations with a special focus on East Asia. Currently, she is working on ‘Defining the Urban’, a book project which seeks to define the term ‘urban’ in different academic disciplines and professional fields. Other projects include the ‘ESRC Strategic Network on Data and Cities as Complex Adaptative Systems’ with partners in the UK, China, Brazil and Japan; the visual ethnography of ‘Sanitation and Differentiation in Urban China’. Some of her most recent works include articles like Ferocious Architecture: Sovereign Space/Places by Design or Borderland Urbanism: seeing between enclaves.

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