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The Willy Brandt Guest Professorship 15th Anniversary Academic Symposium

Tid: 2016-01-25 08:30 -- 2016-01-26 17:30
Plats: Symposium venue Malmö University, Niagara building, NI:C0E11
Målgrupp: All interested are welcome - free of charge

Current Themes in Migration Research: Where Do We Go from Here?”- Symposium

The Willy Brandt Guest Professorship was established at Malmö University fifteen years ago. It is funded by a donation from the City of Malmö to Malmö University upon its opening. Over the years Malmö University has had the honour of hosting 24 prominent scholars within migration research, and we are happy to announce that 18 of these will join us for this celebration.

The symposium aims at highlighting the state of the art of migration studies through presentations by each of the former guest professors of their current research, while also focusing on discussions of the ways forward in our field. For this the presentations will be done within panels demarcated by topic, and the end of each session will allow for time to discuss between the panellists and in plenum.

The Symposium is organized by Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM), the Malmö University Research Centre hosting the Willy Brandt Guest Professors since 2007.

The interest to participate in the symposium has been overwhelming, and it is now fully booked. If you would like to sign up for the reserve list or if you who already have registered, for any reason, have changed your plans and you are not coming to Malmö, please do remember to unregister so the place can be given to someone else. You sign up for the reserve list or unregister by sending an email to
merja.skaffari-multala@mah.se.The symposium is free of charge (including lunches and the symposium dinner (limited space) but we charge you SEK 500:- per day at unannounced absence.

Please download the full program by clicking the picture below.


Monday, January 25th


Coffee and registration


Welcome to Malmö; Kent Andersson, Mayor, City of Malmö

Welcome to Malmö University; Kerstin Tham, Vice-Chancellor, Malmö University

Welcome to MIM; Pieter Bevelander, director at MIM, Malmö University

Opening address; Erica Righard and Ingrid Jerve Ramsøy, Malmö University


Panel i Nation, Identity and Belonging

Chair: Bo Petersson, Malmö University

Voting Rights for Migrants. Residence and Citizenship in National and Local Elections Rainer Bauböck, European University Institute, Italy

The Migrant Stranger. Reflections Upon the National Imaginary Ellie Vasta, Macquarie University, Australia

Promising Directions of Future Migration Research. Three Suggestions; Ewa Morawska, University of Essex, UK




Panel ii; Refuge, Asylum, and Immigration Policy

Chair: Pieter Bevelander, Malmö University 

The Contingent Nature of Host Society Hospitality Towards Migrants. How Social Theorists Have Been Telling Us That Over and Over Again and What We Should Do Now; Raymond Taras, Tulane University, USA

De-Europeanization of Turkish Asylum and Migration Policies. Unfolding of the Syrian Refugee Crisis; Ayhan Kaya, Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey

Unsettling Australian Immigration Policy; Jock Collins, University of Technology Sydney, Australia




Panel iii; The Research Policy Nexus

Chair: Ingrid Jerve Ramsøy, Malmö University

Mobility, Networking and Innovation. Are We Facing a Paradigm Shift in Migration Research?; Sandro Cattacin, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Scholarship, the Law and Immigration Policy; Don J. DeVoretz, Simon Fraser University, Canada

The Politics of Migration Research. Can We Escape the Trap of Our Trade?; Garbi Schmidt, Roskilde University, Denmark 


DINNER at Malmö Rådhus (Address: Stortorget)


Tuesday, January 26th




Panel iv; Integration Policy and the Welfare State

Chair: Per Mouritsen, Aarhus University

Citizenship, Welfare and Social Cohesion. Is There a Civic Turn in Norwegian Integration Policy?; Grete Brochmann, University of Oslo, Norway

An immigration policy for a self-interested country? Understanding the public support for Canadian immigration and multiculturalism policies; Daniel Hiebert, University of British Columbia, Canada 

Women Migrants and Welfare Regimes; Giuseppe Sciortino, University of Trento, Italy




Panel vi; Future Tendencies in Migration Research

Chair: Maja Povrzanović Frykman, Malmö University  

Scenarios of the Future. The Ageing–Migration Nexus; Russell King, University of Sussex, UK

Looking a Further Generation Down. How do Multiracial People Identify Their Children, and What Does This Tell Us?; Miri Song, University of Kent, UK

The Socio-Natural Question: Climate Change, Migration and Growing Inequalities; Thomas Faist, University of Bielefeld, Germany




Panel vii; Art and Global Connections

Chair: Erica Righard, Malmö University

Immigrants, Ethnicized Minorities and the Arts. A Transatlantic Perspective; Marco Martiniello, Université de Liège, Belgium

Cultural Hybridity and the Cosmopolitan Scene in Contemporary Art; Nikos Papastergiadis, University of Melbourne, Australia

Comparing Internal and International Mobility of Chinese Higher Education Students: What do We Learn?; Yasemin Soysal, University of Essex, UK




Panel Debate, The Current Refugee Situation – International Reactions on and Effects of the Swedish Border Controls

Chair: Christian Fernández, Malmö University

Garbi Schmidt, Roskilde University, Denmark

Thomas Faist, University of Bielefeld, Germany

Ayhan Kaya, Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey


Wrapping-up: Migration Research – Ways Ahead; Pieter Bevelander, Malmö University, Sweden

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. The symposium is funded by a grant from The Crafoord Foundation (www.crafoord.se) and the Willy Brandt donation from the City of Malmö. The symposium dinner at Malmö Rådhus (Town Hall) is hosted by the City of Malmö.






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