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The Migration Seminar: The National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM)

Tid: 2017-03-09 14:15 -- 2017-03-09 16:00
Plats: Lounge room, 9th floor, MIM, Niagara, Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Malmö University
Målgrupp: Experts in the field and all interested in research

Welcome to a presentation seminar with Sayaka Osanami Törngren, PhD in Ethnic and Migration Studies, MIM, Malmö University and Henrik Emilsson, Doctor in International Migration and Ethnic Relations, MIM/GPS, Malmö University

sayaka_small  Henrik Emilsson

Title: The National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM) – Monitoring and improving refugee integration (in Swedish)

European UnionThe National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM) is a six-years long transnational project which aims to prepare key actors in the integration field in 15 EU Member States to better face the current challenges and improve the integration outcomes of beneficiaries of international protection. NIEM will establish a mechanism for a biennial, comprehensive evaluation of the integration of beneficiaries of international protection to provide evidence on gaps in integration standards, identify promising practices and evaluate the effects of legislative and policy changes.
This seminar functions as the first national meeting in which the project overview and the evaluation tool will be presented. After the brief presentation, we would like to open the floor and discuss current challenges that Sweden face in the integration of beneficiaries of international protection. Practitioners, experts and researchers in the field, and all others who are interested in the project are welcomed to participate and give their insights and inputs.

The seminar will be held in Swedish. 

See the news article on NIEM here (in Swedish) 

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