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Seminarium- Forskarnätverket Flerspråkighet, lärande och ämnesundervisning

Tid: 2017-03-22 15:30 -- 2017-03-22 17:15
Plats: Orkanen, D 222
Målgrupp: Alla intresserade

Gerald van Dijk och Birgitte Lund Nielsen
Training science and technology teachers to become responsive to linguistic demands and needs
Gerald van Dijk is a senior lecturer in science and technology education at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. His PhD research aimed to develop an understanding of  curricular designs on science literacy in teacher education and in professional development programs. Through three case studies with a focus on  the genre of  labreports, he gathered a.o.  pre and post interviews, video data, and lessonplans of  student teachers.  Qualitative analyses (using Atlas.ti software) show  to what extent the designs furthered science and technology teachers responsiveness to:

A) the language characteristics of  science register, in specific for lab reports 

B) the linguistic needs of their pupils in developing writing skills in this specific genre.

Analysis of science teachers’ learning during professional development activities
Birgitte Lund Nielsen is senior associate professor at VIA University College, and affiliated to Science & Technology Learning Lab, Aarhus University. Her research focuses on (science) teachers’ professional learning analyzing teachers’ reflections and new enactments (meaning making) when involved in collaborative learning activities, i.e. centered around scaffolding student dialogue in science classrooms.

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