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Seminarium: Values and tradeoffs in education policy

Tid: 2017-10-24 15:00 -- 2017-10-24 16:30
Plats: Rum: NI:B0314, Niagara
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Lars Lindblom, Umeå universitet

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I will present the very promising framework for educational decision makers developed by Brighouse, Ladd, Loeb and Swift (BLLS). It consists of an account of the goods, values and distributional principles at stake in education and a method of making tradeoffs between these different normative considerations. This approach raises several foundational issues both in the general theory of distributive justice and the literature on educational justice. I will present three criticisms of the framework.

The first argument says that the justification of educational goods is based on an insufficiently narrow conception of values. This discussion makes use of results from the so-called equality of what-debate and research on what it means to take children seriously in the theory of justice. The second argument claims that the BLLS approach to distributive principles should be complemented with accounts of the domain of these principles and timeframe of distribution. This argument aims to include distinctions from the literature on distributive justice into the theory of educational justice to clarify the distributional problem to be solved.

The final argument is that BLLS’s conception of independent values is unduly restrictive on the pursuit of educational goods and should be revised to also include aspects of values that support this pursuit.The aim here is to underline the importance of education and make more precise the trade-offs at stake in educational policy. I conclude by giving a case for why the BLLS frameworks should be further developed rather than rejected.


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