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Witnesses to work-related bullying

The aim of the project is to investigate how bystanders of workplace bullying act and the consequences of this in relation to face-to-face as well as cyber-bullying. The project will provide new insight into how bystanders act in relation to different kinds of bullying, investigating which individual and organisational factors are related to bystanders’ behaviour in the bullying situations and how the actual behaviour is related to health, work engagement, job satisfaction and intention to remain in the organisation among bystanders. The project is based on the theoretical reasoning behind organisational and social safety climate. The target group is the health care sector: doctors and nurses will be included in the study. The study design comprises surveys, interviews and virtual focus groups. The project will contribute new knowledge about workplace-related bullying that managers and human service organisations such as the health care sector can use in their preventive work regarding the work environment.

PI: Sandra Jönsson, CTA, Malmö University. Project participators: Tuija Muhonen and a doctoral student. Project period: 2017–. Project financing: Jönsson’s and Muhonen’s salaries will be co-financed by Malmö University, The doctoral student will be funded from programme grant 

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