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The organisational and social working environment and the quality of dental care

The project adds innovative knowledge on the complex interplay between working conditions in dentistry and oral public health. Quality of work can be considered as one of the most valuable goals for human service workers and organisations as it is closely connected to the core of work. The overall aim is to investigate the relationship between work environment and dental care quality at the clinic level and to evaluate self-assessed care quality as an indicator of objective dental care quality at the clinic level. Data from workplace surveys conducted as part of the ongoing Swedish validation project of COPSOQ II and prospective register data on the outcomes, longevity of dental fillings and adverse events will be analysed by Structural Equation Modelling, using propensity scores for confounding adjustment. 

PI: Hanne Berthelsen, CTA, Malmö University; Co-applicants: Katharina Wretlind, VGR-region; Hugo Westerlund, Stress Research Institute, Stockholm University. Financing: Application submitted.

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