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Social workers’ organisational and social work in a time of major change

The aim of the project is to investigate how social workers’ organisational and social work environment develops as the result of the various initiatives that the organisation is taking to remedy the identified health and safety problems. This project aims at analysing the interaction between resources and demands and how this in turn affects health, job engagement, employee turnover and the self-assessed quality of work performed. All social workers in the city of Malmö will be part of this study, carried out by means of repeated surveys and interviews over a three-year period. The first data collection has taken place in spring 2016. The material will primarily be analysed at the workplace level in order to identify relevant organisational solutions for addressing work environment problems. 

PI: Tuija Muhonen, CTA, Malmö University. Co-applicant: Hanne Berthelsen, CTA, Malmö University. Project period: 2016 –. Financing: Application submitted.

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