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School leader resilience in turbulent times: The interplay between individual capacity and organisational resources in the psychosocial work environment

The aim of this project is to study school leaders’ psychosocial environment with a focus on the concept of leadership resilience as an analytical lens to generate a deeper understanding of the dynamic interplay of environmental, organisation and individual demands and resources for developing school leadership resilience. This project has a mixed methods design (questionnaires and interviews). All categories of school leaders from pre-school to upper secondary school are included. This enables us to analyse differences between different categories and sectors (private vs. public). The Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) theory will provide a deeper understanding of not only the job demands, but also the resources that motivate and engage school leaders. The project will contribute new knowledge to the research area of school leadership by employing the JD-R theory with a focus on school leadership resilience in the organisational context.

PI: Tuija Muhonen, CTA, Malmö University. Project participators: Anders Edvik and Hope Witmer, CTA, Malmö University. Project period: 2015–. Financing: Submitted application. Pilot study financed by CTA and Malmö University

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