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Organisational and social security climate – first-line managers in the care sector

First-Line Managers (FLMs) have a central and complex role in organisations, but despite this, they have rarely been the focus of psychosocial work environment research. The project idea is to investigate the working environment of FLMs with a focus on the importance of organisational and social safety climate in the context of health care organisations. Besides the fact that the psychosocial work environment can have implications for health, well-being and work engagement for FLMs, the managers’ high stress levels and low well-being seems to transfer to the subordinates. Safety climate is important for all employees in the workplace, but is particularly interesting in relation to the FLM, as they are not only affected themselves but also affect the climate for their employees. We want to develop PSC as the central concept of organisational and social safety environment and analyse the complex relationships that FLMs are involved in their daily work. By adding a gender perspective on FLMs’ work situation the project will fill a knowledge gap regarding the organisational and social safety risks for women and men who are first-line managers. The overall purpose of, this project is to establish innovative knowledge which can be directly transferred to developing more proactive and comprehensive inspections for the Swedish work environment authority in the future.

PI: Tuija Muhonen, CTA, Malmö University. Co-applicants: Hanne Berthelsen, Peter Håkansson and Jakob Tornberg, CTA, Malmö University. Project period: 1 December 2015–31 May 2016. Financing: Swedish Work Environment Authority. Application submitted for further funding during project period: 1 October 2016–31 December 2018.

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